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Trieste is waiting for you to introduce you to many different things ...

The Room rooms
Our rooms are rustic in style, with exposed beams, wood and stone and private bathroom inside for the comfort of our guests. Cleaning and sanitizing with Ozone will make your stay comfortable and safe.

Minimum stay 2 nights

Check in from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.

Who we are
what to do


Hospitality, safety and welcome:


We are a family with a passion for travel, lovers of nature and the sea, we have been working in tourism with passion and enthusiasm for 15 years. We offer you a welcoming and informal place, for guests who also want to get to know the culture and people of Trieste


We are eco-friendly, solar panels, energy saving light bulbs, recycling and pellet heating.


Our rustic house has been renovated taking into account the original architecture, in stone and wood.

We have 2 rooms with 2 private bathrooms inside the room, fan / air conditioning, coffee machine, boilre tea,use kitchen.

The rooms are sanitized with the Ozone method.

Lo staff

Comfort e  simplicity

For further information you can write a request to

  • Is there a bathroom in the room?
  • Is there private parking?
    No, but you can leave your car 100 meters away in the Mib car park, which is free and unattended, or on the public road nearby but it is very narrow and unattended.
  • Are you downtown?
    No, 5 km from Piazza Unità on the hill. There is a bus service every 7 minutes that takes you directly to the terminus in the center, until midnight.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Unfortunately due to hair allergies we do not accept animals.
  • Is there a kitchen, and breakfast?
    We have the kitchen available to guests. In the morning, we leave the table ready with the guest's name, and when he wakes up he can prepare coffee or tea at the time he wants, he will find on his table, biscuits, jam, rusks, and in the fridge milk, juice and butter . Then after breakfast, we tidy up and wash ourselves. Anyone who uses the kitchen to have a quick meal or take away something is asked to leave the space tidy after use.
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