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Last minute 10-16 June a Trieste in Cottage room with private bathroom

#Lastminute #June in #Trieste, from 10 until 16 June, 176 € couple min stay 2 nights:

You can spend 2 days in a family environment, relaxing, in an eco green house, tasting local food and wine, and taking visits to castles or nature walks in the surroundings of Trieste.

Ours is a rustic house in stone and wood where tradition has given way to a family tourism reality much appreciated by slow and green tourism.

free holidays

Accommodation in a Cottage

double room with private bathroom inside, wifi, use of the kitchen with basic products to make breakfast independently when you wake up, then we will tidy up and you can start the day doing what you like without stress without timetables!!

bye, see you soon

Last room.


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